Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Poetry in Motion to Calm the Storm Within




I just wanted to crack the door open here a bit so I could begin to slip in some emotional release
from time to time.

It's such a great way to unwind and clear your head.

A pad 'n pencil can sometimes be your best friend!

Try it...

Don't think...

Just let your emotions drip
from your heart drop by drop
onto the page...
whatever they may be
at the time...
sad, happy, mad or glad...
just let them fuckin' drip!

And then...
after that last meaningful thought
reaches it's home...

... take a breath, smile, and allow yourself the luxury of putting aside your enormously stressful responsibilities... both professional AND personal... lower your defenses and actually enjoy the emotional release
that lives inside of you!

Even if you just enjoy it all by yourself... you don't have to share it with anyone... or put it
in a stupid blog!

And even if it's nothing more than a bunch of crap you've spewed onto that paper... it doesn't matter... why????

Because that crap... came outta your muthafuckin' head...
thats why dude!!!
(And yes that "dude" means you women as well!!)

You just might surprise yourself!

Poetry in Motion
to Calm the Storm Within

Hey what can I say
I'm a sensitive muthafucka!

Everyone of us has a sensitive side, we do. But most of us never allow it to see the light of day.

Yes, even Darth Vader, that deep-throated, larger than life Star Wars villain,
had a sensitive side.

It came to light just moments after he chopped his own son's hand off for goodness sake. As he wanted to rule the galaxy alongside his son! Talk about going from one extreme to another.

Doubt me?

I know for a fact that every guy out there in that theater back in 1977 welled up like a pre-schooler the very first time they heard that huge voice reach down deep to proclaim…

NO... I am your muthafuckin’ FATHER!

Okay, so I added the mutha F’er! But still, I practically heard you pussy's weeping from here as you read that line.

And as far as you women are concerned, fugetaboutit!

You are the proverbial pushovers when it comes to sensitivity and matters of the heart.

I mean c'mon, a sigh of envy erupts whenever you so much as witness a guy open up a car door for another woman. Because you know damn well that your own guy is a lazy thoughtless douche! Like I used to be.

It's okay girls, you can admit it.

Doesn't the mere remembrance of a powerful revealing movie moment, from ANY movie, just make you wanna pick up a pencil and create?

Even if you don’t have the foggiest notion
how to be creative!

I believe there’s a well-hidden desire pulsating within us that just craves to pen a Steven King novel, or perhaps our own Stairway To Heaven.

Or maybe you fantasize a bit more toward the less commercial, and just want to briefly tap into your imagination and jot down a simple, yet profound, sentence or two.

Of course we can’t all be professional writers or have the imagination to pen that perfect lyric as so many of our favorite rock stars have done.

But, we can try!

Have you ever tried to fill up a blank piece of paper with thought provoking verse, emotional banter, or even just a sensitive journal entry?

It is truly a gift from the gods
that those people possess.

It must be a wonderful feeling to be able to stare down at a blank sheet of paper, and then two hours later, be reading the lyrics
to Imagine back to yourself.

It has to be life altering!

Now I'm not sure if it felt that way for
John Lennon when he penned that perfection, but if it were me, and I were lucky enough to stumble upon such emotional perfection, I believe it just may cause me to look at my days ahead in a brighter light.

Well, I'd like to think it would anyway.

And it’s my opinion, that we may not all have an emotional hit song within us, or a best-selling novel, but... we are most certainly all capable of bleeding at least one meaningful, heartfelt drop of conviction, worthy of a number two pencil
onto a piece of paper!

I truly believe that everyone has something in them; some sort of concealed talent or a persuasive manner that people
are unknowingly drawn to.

And, more often than not, we shy away from allowing ourselves to divulge that talent or to really just let loose and put ourselves
out there naked to the world.

Mostly, I think, for fear of ridicule or just believing it's not good enough or worthy
of that number two pencil.

Well fuck that shit!

Pick up that lead filled stick
and express yourself will ya!

Leave your mark on this planet
through words and expression.

And... if someone starts his or her fireplace
with your emotional release...

((as someone said they did within a review on Amazon.com about my self-published book LoL))

... you most certainly have my permission to make your mark on this planet through other means, such as giving them a beat down.

In fact, I’ll even send you a brand new pristine copy of Tommy Raw to assist you with the task at hand. And with any luck, it’ll be the same dick that put flame to my efforts.

Now THAT ladies and gentlemen, would truly be poetry in muthafuckin' motion!

Okay, enough talk of beat downs. We’re supposed to be dealing with the more sensitive nature within us remember?

And so, without further ado...

lets get fucking sensitive!